Innovative technology to build a loyal

community around your business.

Increase sales and improve service to the higher level by interacting with your customers at the JUST platform



JUST is a unique platform for interaction

with your customers

JUST is the only platform in the world that forms a community around your brand

and gives the opportunity to use company's  service in everyday life.

You can give your customers direct access to provided services through their smartphones, improve the efficiency of your business and establish

a direct communication channel with your clients.

The use of  the innovative

platform JUST helps to:

Reduce the cost of staff by direct access to your services by customers

Increase sales due to faster and better-informed service

Form active community of clients around your business

Get not just loyal customers, but people involved in the information space of your business

How it works

The JUST platform has innovative functionality aimed at attracting

customers to use your services.

To access the community and additional services, the client installs the application

Users who are in the same place can communicate with each other in a common chat, creating community around your business

Users can receive detailed information about available services, place an order and make payment

You get not only improved quality of service, but also direct access to customers even when they are outside your facility

Possible ways of cooperation:

A standalone mobile application tailored to the needs of your business

Integration of JUST functionality into existing mobile


Setting up and modifying the current JUST application, taking into account the needs of your business

We have solutions for your business,

which we are ready to launch with you






As well as a customized solution for

the needs of your business



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